Woods Hole Film Festival

Twenty six years ago, Judy Laster founded the Woods Hole Film Festival.

“It started as a one-day, one-hour event, and this year, it will be eight days long and there will be 135 films from around the world,” says Laster.

From July 29 through August 5, the Woods Hole Film Festival brings movies to Falmouth. Films are shown in the evenings at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution’s Redfield Auditorium, Marine Biological Laboratory’s Lillie Auditorium and Falmouth Academy. There are many workshops throughout the day for aspiring movie makers and evening events. “We try to go further than the films. This year, we are screening a documentary about Joe Cocker, and musicians from his band will be in the audience,” says Laster.

Another film on the lineup is Daniel Tasado’s “Patagonia Azul,” which follows WHOI scientist Alex Bocconcelli on his research trips to study blue whales in Chile. “The festival is a great opportunity to see films you may not see otherwise,” she says. “A majority of the filmmakers are present during screenings, so people get to meet and interact with them, too.”

July 29-August 5

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