The Great Marsh

Nestled between Barnstable Harbor and Sandy Neck is one of the richest biological habitats on Cape Cod; The Great Marsh. The second largest marsh on the East Coast and largest in New England this natural wonder is home to thousands of shore birds, gulls terns, herons and wading birds as well as numerous shellfish, finfish, amphibians, reptiles, and mammals. The Marsh environment includes saltwater, freshwater and brackish water which helps create the diverse environment that allows the wide variety of life. The region is a nursery for shellfish including bay scallops, quahogs, blue mussels and surf, soft shell and razor clams. There is much to see as well as great bird watching opportunities in the marsh and many visitors opt to kayak in and around this beautiful area. A local tour boat company also provides narrated tours featuring naturalists who are knowledgeable and will share stories about the marsh and surrounding areas.

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