Rock On

The idea behind The Kindness Rocks Project, according to a homemade wooden sign at Gray’s Beach in Yarmouth Port, is simple: “Take one, share with a friend, drop one for a stranger, keep it kind, pass it on.” The grass-roots movement, which “promotes random acts of kindness and inspiration to unsuspecting recipients,” is gaining popularity among visitors and residents alike. The rocks have also been spotted at the Sandwich Boardwalk (above) and Sandy Neck Beach in West Barnstable. With 650 likes on Facebook and nearly 300 followers on Instagram, the project was started nearly a year ago by a woman who wishes to remain anonymous. The messages, typically written with Sharpie pens, range from simple nuggets of wisdom, “Life’s what you make of it” and “Enjoy the little things” to comments relating to current events, “pray for Paris, pray for peace.” After the HBO documentary aired recently about heroin addiction on Cape Cod, words of support surfaced: “Cape Cod may have its problems, but it has a strong community supporting one another.” So pick a rock, any shape or size, write something kind and spread the love. After all, writes the founder, the beach provides a canvas for inspiration. Follow The Kindness Rocks Project on Facebook and Instagram @thekindnessrocksproject.
Lisa Connors

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